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Coronavirus update

We are not taking any further orders for bean poles or pea sticks for 2020 but are open to orders for spring 2021. We are happy to take orders for other products but please note that delivery or collection will have to be after the movement restrictions are lifted.

Our charcoal remains available at Franklins Farm shop at Thorncote Green, near Sandy

We coppice hazel through each winter

We coppice hazel through each winter

We currently coppice hazel in two Bedfordshire woodlands: our own Bottoms’ Corner in Gravenhurst and Centenary Wood near Pulloxhill, a wood owned by Central Beds Council.

Take a look at the details below, for some of the most popular hazel materials that we sell each year. We have supplied hazel for many other uses and are happy to supply to your specification if we can.

We cut hazel between October and February for sale in the winter and spring months. We can accept orders throughout the year but our supply is seasonal. If you’d like to find out more or discuss an order please contact us

In recent years we have supplied hazel for rabbit purse net pegs and long nets, Christmas wreaths, arty picture frames, basket making, arches, wattle and daub construction, yurt poles, wands, claves, den and shelter building, school maths projects and more, so if you need poles of different sizes or for other uses, please let us know.

Hedgelaying materials
Hazel hedge stakes in bundles of 20, from Wassledine

Hazel hedge stakes in bundles of 20

Hazel hedge stakes (roughly straight poles, rarely first grade), 5′ 6″ (168cm) long by 3/4″ (2cm) – 2″ (5cm diameter).

£1 each, ready for bashing – pointed at one end and cut flat at the other

70p each as they come (unpointed)

Hazel hedge binders, (9’+ long and <1″ diameter at butt end (275 x 2.5cm))

90p each

Willow binders are also available at 90p each

Hazel hedge binders ready for collection. From Wassledine

Hazel hedge binders ready for collection

Prices as collected from Gravenhurst, Beds. We can deliver by arrangement.

Hazel pea sticks

The bees knees for peas

Putting pea sticks into bundles of 50 - Wassledine

Putting pea sticks into bundles of 50

Hazel tops, approx 4’6″-5’6′ (137-168cm) branched sticks, 1/4″-3/4″ (0.6cm-1.9cm) diameter at the base. One angled cut to base to give a point).

In bundles of 15 @ £6.90 per bundle.

In bundles of 50 @ £23/bundle or £20/bundle for orders of three bundles or more. We have run out of 2019 pea sticks. Please order now for 2020

Hazel pea sticks in bundles of 15 - Wassledine

Hazel pea sticks in bundles of 15

The bees knees for peas! But brilliant for loads of other plants too. Yes these branching hazel tops are the best solution for any scrambling plant – peas, sweet peas, nasturtiums… They also provide excellent leaning posts for those leggy herbaceous plants; the likes of Delphiniums, that can so easily be knocked down in summer winds especially if your garden is in an exposed location. You’ll need to get them in early in the spring so that your plants can grow through them. Because they are dark and quite attractive in their own right, they won’t look out of place whilst your plants get cracking through the spring.  You’ll see them in some of the best gardens around the UK.

Order early as these go quickly every spring – orders accepted any time

Pea stick action shots. Left - early April (thanks to Charlotte at the Wormsley Estate) and right - Geraniums leaning on a pea stick frame in late June (thanks to Anne at Woburn Abbey)

Pea stick action shots; how the pros do it. Left – early April (thanks to Charlotte at the Wormsley Estate) and right – Geraniums leaning on a pea stick frame in late June (thanks to Anne at Woburn Abbey)

All dimensions given are approximate

Bean poles

Hazel bean poles, 230cm (7'6"), pointed

Hazel bean poles, 230cm (7’6″), pointed

The naturally knobbly solution to your plant support issues

Hazel rods (rarely truly straight, 6’6 – 8′ (198-240cm) x 3/4″ (2cm) – 1.5″ (4cm), one end pointed)

Price £1.80 each

So much better than bamboo, hazel is naturally knobbly and provides great support for any climbing plant particularly your rampant runners. We cut our bean pole to about 7 foot 6 inches  (230cm), but can supply them longer or shorter if you like. Once you’ve tried hazel, we’re sure you won’t want to go back to bamboo.

More hazel poles…
A tunnel made from hazel with willow in a commercial garden in Bedfordshire

A tunnel made from hazel with willow in a commercial garden in Bedfordshire

in other lengths and diameters are usually available – suitable for hurdle making, shelter poles, arches, tunnels, etc.

Please contact us for prices

Click here for information about hazel and willow arches and tunnels


Tightly bundled hazel faggots

Tightly bundled hazel faggots

Faggots installed on the Ousel Brook in Leighton Buzzard by Greensand Trust volunteers (image - Environment Agency)

Faggots installed on the Ousel Brook in Leighton Buzzard by Greensand Trust volunteers (image – Environment Agency)

Bundles of hazel tied tightly to whatever size required (the ones pictured are 2 metres x 30cm). Although historically they had a variety of uses including as fuel for bread ovens, they are used mainly in riverbank stabilization projects now.

In the pictures below, a double layer was installed on the Ousel Brook, close to Leighton Buzzard, to stop erosion of the river bank that was threatening to undermine a cycle path and even houses. Note the silt collected by the faggots (pictured below, left) after only a few weeks).

Prices, delivery and collection
We can deliver by arrangement

We can deliver by arrangement

All prices quoted are for materials collected from Gravenhurst. We can deliver in some cases, particularly for large orders, within perhaps 50 miles of us, so please talk to us for a price. Delivery by courier can be very expensive relative to the purchase price, but we are always happy to provide a price.

Also… most of these items are large and bulky and may leave marks on beautiful car upholstery. We will always be happy to help get your purchases loaded.

We are happy to accept orders at any time of the year but these products are generally available from Christmas through to around June.

Join forces to cut delivery costs

Do you have friends, neighbours or fellow gardening club members who might want to share delivery costs? We would be pleased to quote for large deliveries within about 50 miles of Gravenhurst. The more individual orders we can combine, the lower our delivery charge per customer will be. Delivery arranged to suit you but better for us around March/April. Please contact us by email or give us a ring 01462 711815 or 07794 013876

A note on longevity

Hazel is a natural product and we don’t treat it with any preservatives. Left outside, bean poles and pea sticks will probably last two seasons and perhaps another if you are careful in the autumn in untangling the remains of plants from them and storing them somewhere dry through the winter. They definitely look scruffier in their second year. The large, commercial gardens we supply buy fresh sticks each spring.
Hazel sticks make splendid kindling when they’ve done their work in the garden – bring them inside, somewhere warm at the end of the summer and they’ll be just right by the first frost.

For more ideas for supporting climbers in your garden,  see here

Bottoms’ Corner
Hazel leaves and nuts in July

Hazel leaves and nuts in July

We planted Bottoms’ Corner in 1999, fulfilling a long-held dream to establish hazel woodland. The eight acre wood is now yielding good quality hazel sticks for a variety of rural crafts. The hazel is managed in a coppice rotation creating a diversity of structure in the woodland habitat – good for wildlife as well as productivity.

For more information about Bottoms’ Corner, click here

We also grow willow for a wide variety of uses; to find out more, click here

We are members of the East Anglian Coppice Network. To find out more about this group, click on the logo below. If you coppice in East Anglia or are just interested in woodlands and coppicing, why not join us? We meet 2 or 3 times a year – generally to look at a wood or two, chat, eat and share knowledge. This continues throughout the year electronically too.
Wassledine is a member of the East Anglian Coppice Network


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