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Who was this Pope bloke anyway?

Who was this Pope bloke anyway?
We own about four hectares of woodland of which one, Chester Wood, is ancient semi-natural. The rest is a plantation: Bottoms’ Corner, created in 1999. The ancient woodland is a strip that survived the destruction of what may have been a much larger wood of which no records survive as far as I know; its removal must have [...]

Trouble with ash

Trouble with ash
It’s several years since what we are now calling Chalara ash dieback was first talked about as a threat to the UK’s stock of ash, Fraxinus excelsior. I think I first saw it in the flesh two or three years ago and at Bottoms’ Corner, our wood in Gravenhurst, in autumn 2014. It was certainly pretty [...]

The charcoal’s in the bag

The charcoal’s in the bag
Much excitement here in Gravenhurst as we put our first charcoal in bags and made it look a little like a real product with a label and everything. Whilst selling fresh beef last Thursday we gave quite a few bags to customers on the basis that they tell us what they think of this, our [...]

Charcoal – burning bright in my...

Charcoal – burning bright in my mind
I seem to have developed another obsession to add to a few others I have collected over the years. It’s a man thing I think or perhaps men are more obvious about it. I’m not too bad compared to some blokes I’ve come across in the past. I don’t spend weeks away sailing, or long [...]

Trees and wood – they’re ...

Trees and wood – they’re pretty good
I was struck by the completely amazing nature of trees and wood in a kind of revelatory way this morning, brought about by some odd but trendy box hornbeams in central Milton Keynes. These are a rather extreme example of  trees’ generosity – especially if you like your trees cubic. If a material scientist or [...]

Hawthorn heaven

Hawthorn heaven
It’s just starting. Along hedgerows, in gardens, on wasteland and in huge amounts, on bits of scrubby land; May snow is starting to fall. The hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) blossom has been a little later than usual this year, probably due to a couple of weeks of cold weather in April and it may have been [...]

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