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Wassledine Red Poll beef – orde...

Wassledine Red Poll beef – order before 11 June

Now that we’ve had gallons of rain and a glimpse of the sun, the grass is growing and we are readying ourselves for summer. And that means beef is back on the menu. This will be our first Beef Day of 2012 and we hope you’ll want to try some. It’s always tricky to decide […]

Herd on the grass at last

Herd on the grass at last

It’s the middle of May and we’ve finally got all the cattle out onto a decent field of grass. They’ve been out for several weeks but it was only Friday when we put them together without the worry of such dry weather there’s no grass, or such wet weather that the ground poaches terribly. Although it’s pretty […]

Make a frame basket

Make a frame basket

Saturday 16 June 2012, 9.30-4.30pm We are very pleased to announce that our good friend and ace basket maker, Martin Hazell, has agreed to lead a day’s tutoring at our farm in Upper Gravenhurst. If you have a hankering to dip a toe into the wonderful world of basket making this is an ideal opportunity. […]

Hazel pea sticks and bean poles ̵...

Hazel pea sticks and bean poles – still some available

We have been sold plenty of hazel pea sticks and bean poles during the last month. I know the weather here has been more autumn than spring and it sounds like we may have to wait a few days for some warmth, but if you have been putting off thinking about supporting your climbing or leggy […]