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Well into willow cutting

Well into willow cutting

Despite the blooming cold weather and very un-British snow sitting on the ground for a week, we have made a lot of progress cutting willow over the last couple of days. Armed with a new (well second-hand),  power scythe, bought from a lovely bloke in Bury St. Edmonds, cutting has speeded up compared with previous years.The wind picked […]

Weaning calves – always somethi...

Weaning calves – always something to shout about

Jane’s very sensible. I know this. She has an uncanny ability to calm me; I know this too. An important trait to look for in a partner, although I’m certain it didn’t make the list when an overwhelming need to marry her developed in me, some years ago. I got in yesterday evening saying that […]

Bean poles, pea sticks, hedge stakes&...

Bean poles, pea sticks, hedge stakes…

I got into the swing of hazel over Christmas and have cut a bit now. I like to cut a little, process it, then cut more; that way, by alternating activity, I avoid spending too much time doing either (and the associated muscle pain), but more important it avoids creating a cat’s-cradle of fallen stems that’s a pain to unravel.I’ve […]