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Neospora caninum – closure of a...

Neospora caninum – closure of a permissive path

Neospora is a protozoan parasite that requires both cattle and dogs to complete its life cycle. The dog eats placental or foetal material infected with the protozoan, it then sheds oocysts (the eggs) in its poo which persist in the environment for a long time. Cattle then graze an area where the dog poo has […]

Meat – a tricky issue

Meat – a tricky issue

Having enjoyed a pretty hearty meal of stir fried vegetables and tofu with egg noodles on Tuesday evening, I switched on BBC Radio 4 to provide washing up entertainment and listened to a documentary featuring Henry Dimbleby, called ‘A Meaty Problem’. Worth a listen if you have a moment. The focus was on the need […]