Hazel, willow, beef and storytelling from Bedfordshire


Most of the things we make and services we provide are bespoke so we don’t offer to supply at the click of a mouse; not yet anyway.

We are very keen to supply exactly what you want so please call or email with as much information as you can – we will do our very best to provide just what you want

Opening hours

We don’t have a shop, so don’t have fixed opening hours (contrary to what Google might tell you). If you’d like to come and collect something from us, please contact us in advance and we’ll arrange a date.

Willow and hazel

If you’d like to buy something from us, it’s easy. There are some prices on the web site, for items that are standard – pea sticks, bean poles, willow obelisks. If that’s what you’re after, just get in touch and we will confirm and talk to you about how to get these things to you.

If what you are after isn’t a standard size or specification or perhaps you’d like to talk to us about doing something of a one-off, just call or email – we are always happy to provide a price quite quickly and are always up for a challenge.

Storytelling and environmental education

Jane tends to price her work job by job as she rarely does two the same, so if you are interested in bringing in her services, please contact her through the details to the right or to go direct, call 07805 819415 or email jane@wassledine.co.uk   She will always be happy to chat about your ideas and try to help you develop an event that’s exactly what you are imagining.


Many of the things we make are large and bulky so can be expensive to courier. We are happy to find a price to get your chosen items to you.


For larger orders we may be able to deliver. Sometimes we can group deliveries together to reduce each individual customer’s delivery bill. This is most likely in the spring when we are selling most products to gardeners.

Could you find others locally who might be interested in making a group bulk purchase – gardening or allotment club members for example? That could reduce everyone’s outlay. Please contact us to see if this will work for you.

Storytelling in the woods

Most of Jane’s work is developed for clients specifically so it is difficult to give a simple idea of what an event might cost. However, for many events Jane charges £****/day or £****/half day plus expenses. Preparation time is also chargeable and this can vary a great deal between jobs. So if you’re thinking about an event of some type or if you just want to find out more about what Jane could do for your organisation, she will always be very pleased to speak to you

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