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Hedge laying

Gravenhurst hedge layers in a rare ray of sunshine

Gravenhurst hedge layers in a rare ray of sunshine

Despite some pretty nasty weather, Gravenhurst’s P3 group turned out (with a couple of special guests) last weekend, to attack a fourth section of one of our old thorn, boundary hedges.

It’s a pretty spiteful hedge – some old, gnarly stems of hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna and belicose blackthorn, Prunus spinosa, fighting with a storm of spikes to reach fingers and knees and avoid our axes and billhooks. The weather  matched the hedge’s mood and for the first hour on Saturday we didn’t do anything other than get a fire going and clear some oak tops I’d cut earlier in the week.

The rain kept coming, but in the end we cracked on and by about 3.30pm, the sun came out – a long wait for it. However, we are getting the better of the hedge. There’s more to do and in fact Jo came back with a friend on Tuesday to do bit more.

Jo with hedge and standard oak

Jo with hedge and standard oak

I’ll be trying to fit in the finishing of it in amongst everything else as something of a priority in the next few weeks.

A huge thanks for your help Gravenhurst P3 (and others) – we would really struggle to do it without you.

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