Hazel, willow, beef and storytelling from Bedfordshire

Storytelling training for the Wildlife Trust

Jane Lambourne on stage with bear

Jane Lambourne on stage with bear. Picture thanks to Michelle Dunn

Jane’s been at Randall’s Farm today running a training course called “Storytelling in Environmental Education” for the Wildlife Trust. The course was designed for anyone already working in an area where storytelling could add to what they do. There were Forest School practitioners, Wildlife Trust staff as well as others who lead guided walks and run programmes for kids.

Sounds like it went well. Here are some comments made by participants:

  • “Thank you – some very good practical mechanisms to build and tell stories”
  • “Wonderful! Thank you”
  • “I cannot believe how much was packed into the day and how much I learned”
  • “I want to know more and will investigate other workshops/courses”

If you are interested in using stories to add a new dimension to what you do, or if you just fancy discovering storytelling in environmental education, please contact Jane – 01462 711815 info@wassledine.co.uk

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