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Wassledine Red Poll beef – order before 11 June

Number 32 - a good looking Red Poll steer

Number 32 – a good looking Red Poll steer

Now that we’ve had gallons of rain and a glimpse of the sun, the grass is growing and we are readying ourselves for summer. And that means beef is back on the menu. This will be our first Beef Day of 2012 and we hope you’ll want to try some.

It’s always tricky to decide how much detail to share about the process that brings beef to your kitchen. It’s easy to describe the contented and stress-free life our animals enjoy in Gravenhurst, how they eat a very wide variety of plants in the summer that they find growing in our lovely meadows, alongside the banks of the River Hitt. However, we know that some customers aren’t keen be reminded about the final stages. We don’t want to avoid the issue, so I’m going to risk mentioning that one of our animals went off to the abattoir very early this morning.

Judging the optimum moment for an animal to go is difficult. Too early and we miss his best; too late and the animal can start to get fat, especially at this time of year whilst the herd is grazing luxurious spring grass. In that case, we can end up paying to get rid of the fat and our customers, quite reasonably grumble. He is a good looking beast so we are confident that the results will be great.

Hanging around in Haynes
His carcase will hang in a cold room at Haynes West End for three weeks before being butchered. This is the lengthy and therefore expensive process that adds so much to the taste and tenderness of the beef and one that most ordinary beef misses.

Order by 11 June
We would be very pleased to receive your order by Monday 11 June. Fancy some burgers for the summer barby? Or why not restock on our tasty mince for all those pasta sauces? We’ve put up some recipes suggested by customers on our web site; and a fantastic time we’ve been having trying them. So if you fancy something different have a look here – there’s more information about our beef, including prices, there too (prices held at 2011 levels). To read about the farm and what else we do, click here

To download a price list and order form click here.

Don’t forget, we are here to help; if you wouldn’t know brisket from braising steak or have no clue how big a joint to cook when your ravenous relatives come to stay, give us a call. If we don’t know, we probably know someone who does.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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