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Registering Redpolls

Apple, a Red Poll cow of the Wassledine herd

Apple, one of our Red Poll cows – soon to be pedigree?

Possibly great news for our herd, almost by chance. We hope to sell a couple of heifers in the next few weeks, which is good, and because we needed to check their pedigree (or lack of it) and because we are trying to sell our bull, Admiral, we’ve been in touch with the Red Poll Cattle Society this week.

Now we’ve been members of both Red Poll societies since we got into cattle keeping, several years ago – yes there are two and I won’t go into the reasons here. Both are very helpful. The RPCS has a relatively new Field Officer and he has been in touch regarding the bull and we got chatting about other pedigree related issues. Without boring you with detail that even to a seasoned Red Poller is pretty dull, enough to say that we are hopeful that our whole herd can now be registered as pedigree.

This would be excellent. Not only would it set matters straight – we’ve been pretty fed up that some of our herd haven’t been accepted as pedigree, but it would also make our lovely animals more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

We wait to see the outcome with great interest.

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