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Pedigree Red Polls!

Pedigree Red Polls!

Something really exciting happened!

The Red Poll Cattle Society’s Chairman visited recently and agreed that although we have, up until now, been unable to claim pedigree status for some of our animals; we can now. And that’s great news.

The reason for this (and here I have to suggest that those not of a cattle tendency pass swiftly on) is that when we bought our original three animals in 2003, one was registered and the other two weren’t. We bought them on the understanding that those unregistered individuals could probably be registered if we could persuade the breeder to join the Society and register them. Unfortunately, we were never successful in this so had started ‘grading up’ a very long-winded process whereby the unregistered cows’ great granddaughters might be able to be registered. Very frustrating especially as we knew without doubt that those unregistered cows were from a perfectly recognised and recorded pedigree lineage.

So the recent visitation was extremely welcome and we now have a complete set of pedigree certificates for all of our female animals, plus the bull.

Thanks are due to the Red Poll Cattle Society – we can now sell livestock without a tortuous explanation of grading up.

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