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Pulling the leaves off willow

A small but time-consuming order of willow

A small but time-consuming order of willow

Sometimes I wonder what we’re doing and probably why too. In a fit of enthusiasm, late in the summer, I agreed to supply willow “once the leaves have dropped, in late November”. You would have thought that after nearly ten years growing willow, I would know when leaves fall off the stuff. But of course I don’t. Actually that’s a bit harsh. Some varieties were leaf-free by the second week of November, but it’s not those I agreed to supply. Others are hanging on to still very green leaves like limpets to rocks.

So with another element added to an already lengthy process, we launched into the job. Fortunately, the order is a small one and it’s done now.  Leaf-fall is fairly weather dependant – frosts speed it up making it a trifle unpredictable. However, next year we will not be cutting willow until well into December (probably).

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