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Wet, wet Woburn

Wet, wet Woburn

Great to be back at farmers’ markets for the spring!Yesterday Woburn and for the hour it didn’t rain we did well. After that there was a little dampness in the air and by about 12.30, all but the most die-hard shoppers had retired, either home or to the many warm, snug and dry hostelries in the […]

Trailer trauma and a load of pea stic...

Trailer trauma and a load of pea sticks

One of the pleasures of doing this job (and there are several), is meeting our customers. It may be that an interest in sticks makes people laid back and interesting or that we often sell sticks to basket makers and gardeners, and that they are particularly friendly. I’m sure there’s a connection. Yesterday I delivered lots of large […]

Biddenham’s lovely!

Biddenham’s lovely!

I was invited to talk to the Biddenham Gardeners’ Association on Tuesday evening and it was lovely. Actually, because it was dark I didn’t see much of the village itself, but what I could make out in the street-lightless gloom, seemed very attrtactive. What I can be certain of is the attentiveness and friendliness of […]

National Beanpole Week – next w...

National Beanpole Week – next week

I expect you’ve had this in your diary for most of the last twelve months. It’s something that’s causing some excitement in our small wood. Seriously; this is important. The Small Woodlands Associationhave, over the last few years promoted this slightly eccentric special week and once again it features on a couple of web sites […]