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Spring is here – Hurrah!

Wych elm

Wych elm (Ulmus glabra) seeds

I know I’m in danger of going on about it, but after such a long, cold and gloomy UK winter I think a bit of celebration is in order. Actually it’s gone cold again, but plants and animals here are resilient enough to get through cool periods.  

 Here is some of the brilliance of spring colours, worth hanging on to for later in the year. The intensity of green is a revelation.       

new English oak growth, May

English oak, Quercus robur

  By mid June, I think two things happen to diminish the startling effect. Firstly the greens that are now so vibrant do actually calm down; the leaves get dusty and generally lose their luster. Second, our eyes, initially starved of natural bright colours through the winter and suddenly dazzled by this greenness, inevitably get used to the display now that it’s all around us. A bit of  a shame really, but we do eventually become accustomed to the most amazing things.

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