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Hay no rain – shock


Rowing up ready for baling

Rowing up ready for baling


Almost unbelievably and for the first time on record the hay‘s under cover without having been rained on once. After a cold spell, we’ve had a week of scorching (for the UK) weather which has dried our grass beautifully. Even so we managed to make a meal of it. On Thursday we baled some then decided it was still not dry enough – those clover stalks, being so much thicker than the grass just take longer to dry, which is pretty obvious really. However with showers forecast, we decided to go with it and only when handling the bales realised how green and heavy they were.
Baling hay whilst the sun shines
Baling hay whilst the sun shines

A slightly nervous Thursday evening of black clouds failed to produce the promised rain, and even another boiling day left some a bit sappy but that hasn’t stopped us.

Now it’s all in, stacked, looking and smelling beautiful.

It’s not the best hay in the world and we could really do with some more, but it’s a good feeling knowing that we have a large part of the cattle’s feed safely stashed for the  winter.

Some of the Redman team - ready for the next job

Some of the Redman team - ready for the next job


Thanks to the Redmans for their usual high level of service and impressive collection of family members and machinery.

Barley straw next.

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