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Wonderful willow

'Continental purple' 2 years old

'Continental purple' 2 years old

It may be hard work getting the stuff cut, sorted, bundled and safely inside; and it’s certainly bitterly cold at the moment, but on a day like today the willow looks completely wonderful. 

A miraculous transformation takes place sometime in the autumn and I’m still not sure exactly when. From a more or less uniform greenish colour, the stems of each variety take on that variety’s particular colour – reds, greens, purples, yellows, browns. Each year I forget to watch closely enough to see it happen and actually each year it’s slightly different.

'Flanders red' sorted for length and ready for bundling

'Flanders red' sorted for length and ready for bundling

This year the yellows and reds are particularly vivid – or maybe that’s just how they seem on such a piercingly cold and dazzling morning.

 Although much of the willow is spoken for already, we do have some for sale, so do get in touch.

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