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Frame baskets a go go

Martin Hazell - in the frame?

Martin Hazell – in the frame?

Yesterday, Martin Hazell proved that he is actually an excellent basket maker and an equally splendid teacher, rather than just a crazy melodian playing gad-about.

Taking part in a day’s tuition in making what is one of the simplest styles of basket, proved to me that like many crafts, it looks pretty easy but is in fact very tricky – difficult to do well and hard on the hands and back. Actually it’s pretty difficult to do badly too.

Whatever the results, and they were all ok, we had a lovely day. The wind howled around the barn quite a lot which made things a bit chilly for June. gallons of tea got drunk and Jane’s banana cake really hit the mark – still there I think.

Martin is already talking in terms of another longer course at some point, dealing with the making of round baskets. That’s got to be worth a go.

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Pictures of bits of the frame basket course at Facebook here


  1. Ruth Hutchings Ruth Hutchings
    June 17, 2012    

    Hi there – it’s Ruth from Luton.
    I wuz yer on the basket making beano, and I so enjoyed my day! Weather was very obliging and what a wonderful pastoral setting for applying ourselves to learning a craft. Meeting you all was great, and Martin, I have to say, is such an entertaining and encouraging teacher, that I felt the day had been worthwhile. I admit that I lacked the fortitude and stamina to actually achieve the stated goal of taking home a finished hand crafted product, but I do believe that learning is the responsibility of the student, and in this respect I did not disappoint myself. I just need more time and practice (and perhaps a little more attention to detail – sorry very tired after my over working week ) – hopefully I will be able to book a place on the next course and look forward to hearing details. Hope banana cake gets on the hospitality menu again, it was scrumptious. Many thanks Guy and Jane for all the hard work you evidently put in to organising the event, in my opinion it was a great success.

  2. June 17, 2012    

    We’re glad you enjoyed yourself. It was good to meet you, we always seem to meet lovely people through willow. I managed to finish my basket last night and am feeling ridiculously pleased with myself. It certainly helped having done some basket making before hand. Frame baskets are definitely harder than they look. Hope to see you again soon

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