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Jane with Margaret of Hexton WI

Jane with Margaret of Hexton WI

Monday evening saw Hexton WI step over the border into Bedfordshire and venture as far as Gravenhurst. We were delighted to welcome to the farm, a dozen wonderful women who were interested, funny, challenging and generous with their enthusiasm for what we are doing.

We started out with  a bit of a chat and a lot of laughter before walking down the hill of Gravelpit and Wassledine fields, to meet the herd. Our plan suggested a very brief presentation about the cattle, but Hexton had different ideas. After a chat and more laughter, we were grilled about all manner of cattle-related issues. It was clear that the Wassledine herd had collected some fans.

More chat and more laughter later, the whole dozen made it over to the willow where we had put up a shelter and prepared some straw bale seating. Hexton chatted and laughed then put their collective mind to making willow cones, then some wreaths and some stars. We provided  tea. Hexton produced a rather nice picnic. We all enjoyed this and some more chat and laughter.

We had to turn them out in the end, but, chatting and laughing, Hexton helped pack up and as the gloom turned to darkness, we dawdled back up to the road and waved them off.

What great fun and lovely people. More please!

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