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Making up balls

Two balls - something to talk about, Wassledine

Two balls – something to talk about

I’m talking to Biddenham Gardeners’ Association on Tuesday evening and thought I should have something willowy to take with me so I’ve been out cutting a bit of willow and used it to finish a couple of balls I started a while ago. It’s too early for this really – I’ve spent quite a while pulling leaves off stems; a bit daft really since nature will do this quite efficiently in a few weeks. Still it’s lovely to be working with fresh willow again; so tactile and yielding and flexible. Great stuff.

I like talking to groups about what we do in Gravenhurst. It’s never a hardship to talk about oneself! It’s an opportunity to re-examine what we’ve done and why and whether it was worth doing. Hopefully the results will be some positive vibes for me and an enjoyable evening for the Biddenham gardeners.

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