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Helping with a hedge

Gordon sets the stakes

Gordon sets the stakes

I’ve spent a couple of days helping lay a hedge on a neighbour’s farm over the last fortnight which has been good if extremely cold. It’s an excellent example of the benefits of the environmental grant schemes that have been and are still available to farmers.  This hedge was planted along with a couple of small woods about 11 years ago and at the same time, Gordon decided to create two ponds in a very wet field corner. All have developed well and the combination has added another series of habitats – open water, wet grass, woods and hedge to our local farmland. It’s all good stuff which benefits wild birds, all sorts of invertebrates as well as mammals. Their small farm shoot also benefits.A recently planted hedge is a bit of a luxury in the hedge laying world, so plenty got done in a relatively short time compared to the old monster we’ve been bashing away at over the last few years. We’ve been using our stakes and binders which has been great.

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