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Freeing the young stock

Young Red Polls on the grass at last

Young Red Polls on the grass at last

The bitter north-easterly wind leaves your face painfully cold; more January than April. The ground’s really soft in places, but drying – slowly. And that made today just a bit of an anti-climax. We got the young stock out onto grass this morning. Usually there’s warmth in the air, sun on your back, working through layers of jumpers. Not today. They were happy though. They frolicked like puppies; jumped, sprinted, kicked, snorted. Where usually we join in and run about and even whoop, I was bothered about the damage all those hooves were doing to a too-soft turf. Later on the sun came out and they looked great having got past the maniac grass-eating stage of the recently released bovine. Still bitter though. The pregnant stock remain inside and were decidedly displeased. Their maternity field is too wet and soft for their great weight. Maybe in a week they will get their time in the sun.

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