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First of the 2013 calves

Chilli and her shiny heifer calf

Chilli and her shiny heifer calf

I spent most of the morning wrestling with a tractor that died last night – in a gateway, with a trailer, blocking a neighbour’s drive. Thanks to John of Town Farm Garage (the best place to take your car for a service), who, rather than going home at 6.30 on a Friday, volunteered to tow me back into our field. This morning’s debt is to Meppershall’s own Corinne Harris (the best place to get your tractor repaired) for some sound advice and a bit of thorough filter cleaning. Don’t know what the tractor’s previous owner had been putting in the tank but the filter was well and truly blocked with loads of vile stuff.So up and running and finally in the right field with the chain harrow unknotted, I was in the baddest mood but happened to notice the characteristic ‘lowing’ call of the new mother cow. Peering into the barn I couldn’t see any new additions but there was a load of bovine excitement which turned out to be centred on a beautiful heifer calf; born probably 5 minutes earlier.I separated her and her mum from the others, gave them some more straw and hay, turned on the water and found myself doing some serious gate leaning. A moment to be savoured. These animals need to be checked regularly and on the first really sunny and warm day this spring, it’s a joy to lean, soaking up that warmth and experiencing, once again the miracle of a new life. A cliché, but who cares?


  1. April 11, 2013    

    Hello, thank you so much for letting us come to see your willow and the calves this morning – it’s safely stored away in my shed but I can’t resist weaving a couple of bits of Leicestershire Dicks into a cane basket I’m working on today 🙂 See you again when I’ve used this lot up! Val

    • April 11, 2013    

      Hi VAl,
      A pleasure to meet you, I’ll look forward to seeing what wonders you make from the willow you bought and look forward to seeing you again. Guy

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