Hazel, willow, beef and storytelling from Bedfordshire

Willow harvest creeps on

Willow beds between showers

Willow beds between showers

Cutting willow isn’t something to be done in bad weather if it’s not essential; we try to avoid it anyway. It’s physically demanding and is miserable in the rain but hey, we’ve got hats!The worst of it is not being willing to take a vehicle over the ground to pick up all that’s been cut so far. Actually we did yesterday but only because we’d promised willow to a customer who came today. Usually there’s a good cold spell in February, when we can get around frost-hardened fields without causing ruts. Not this year. I know we are lucky compared to some – at least we don’t have to use a snorkel to find our willow.

Orders are beginning to stack up now and today’s continuous rain has meant that I’ve dealt with a load of paperwork – one good thing to emerge from the gloom.

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