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Hazel staves and claves

Hazel staves and claves ready for delivery to a school in North London

Hazel claves ready for delivery to a school in North London

We’ve just delivered sixty, metre-long staves and sixty pairs of claves – all from hazel – to a very well known environmental charity. They are apparently destined to be given to children at a school in North London. A lovely present I thought – I can’t recall anything even vaguely similar happening to us when I was a school pupil.

I think the staves will be used to measure stuff; so a maths thing. They could be  great walking sticks on adventures, so  perhaps geography or English things and they’d make  great components for a construction project, so a design technology thing. The claves will be bashed together to make lovely music.

If anyone says hazel isn’t versatile, they are wrong!

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