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Pure green

Pure green hazel leaf in Wassledine's woodlandBlack Adder came to mind this afternoon whilst driving home from a job in Ware. More particularly, Lord Percy, played by the excellent Tim McInnerny, in Black Adder the Second (I’m prepared to be corrected on that), during a wonderful exchange in which he announces that he has “discovered pure green“.

What prompted such pondering was the extraordinary greenness of this part of the world today.  After five months of the browns, greys and khakis of a British winter, a sparkling spring day such as this was a joy. The brilliant sunshine and freshly painted blue sky worked a magic on every leaf and blade of grass even though all are yet modest in size.

The green was crazy, violent almost; ridiculous. Any illustrator using such a pallette would, quite rightly, be asked to tone it down. It was truly brilliant and it made the gloom of winter thoroughly worthwhile. For without winter, spring would be redundant and life would be so much poorer. I realise you equitorial dwellers enjoy hot days throughout the year, have tanned knees and can plan a picnic without having to take a Balaclava helmet, but you can keep all that. I’m happy with a few days like today, when we can savour an ingot of pure green.

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