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The charcoal’s in the bag

The very first bag of Wassledine charcoal

The very first bag of Wassledine charcoal

Much excitement here in Gravenhurst as we put our first charcoal in bags and made it look a little like a real product with a label and everything. Whilst selling fresh beef last Thursday we gave quite a few bags to customers on the basis that they tell us what they think of this, our latest product. Not surprisingly, this was well received, like most free gifts, and we wait to see if anyone remembers to give us some feedback.

I made more charcoal yesterday whilst doing some other jobs in the wood. If I can approach it like that for a while, it’s not taking up lots of time and hasn’t cost much, so it seems a good approach to getting the feel for something new. It’s a bit late in the barbecue season for us to launch into the market in a big way so next spring seems the time.

I’m sure a retort is the way forward for charcoal making – it’s far quicker, cleaner and more efficient than a kiln or indeed the oil drum I’ve been using so far. However we need to understand the market better before making that investment. I am rather itching to go ahead though!

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