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Pictures of June

It’s dark and cold; damp and miserable. the wind has been howling – rattling the roof. I took a little piece of video of cows munching grass on a perfect June evening and as a result was subject to a fair degree of ridicule and scorn from certain quarters.

But now I can savour its recollection of luxurious warmth, dry ground, brilliant light, warblers belting out their song and the very mellow sound of a cow eating lush grass as if it has been deprived of food for two months.

View it on You Tube. Enjoy!


  1. SAM SAM
    November 13, 2010    

    Love the video of the cows chewing the cud :)Calm summer days seem so long ago! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks Sam

    • November 14, 2010    

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks – glad you’re enjoying it. Come back soon.


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