Hazel, willow, beef and storytelling from Bedfordshire

So good to be cutting hazel

A freshly cut hazel stoolCut down trees. Do it now; you know you want to. It’s great therapy even when some swearing’s required when the poor old saw doesn’t start first time.

I managed only two hours cutting hazel yesterday before needing to get back to other things on the farm. Actually it’s still a bit early in teh autumn because the leaves are still on the hazel and that adds time later. But heh; I enjoyed it. I reckon there’s a ratio of about 7:1, processing cut hazel to cutting standing poles, so when I say I’ve been cutting trees down, I mostly mean processing poles – into anything useable and possible firewood. Hopefully the first pile is the biggest.

Yesterday was sparkling, the saw and billhooks very sharp and the woods golden. I’m way out of practice though – back and arms protested bitterly, so a two hour introduction to the season suited me fine.


  1. November 6, 2013    

    Guy – let me know if you need a hand any time soon. I still have a few hours spare now and then at the moment! – steve

    • November 8, 2013    

      Hi Steve,
      That’s very kind; we were thinking about getting up there towards the end of next week. I’ll be in touch.

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